Integrative and Intuitive Counseling

I combine traditional professional therapies with my natural intuitive abilities. My intuitive abilities are empathic to include clairsentience (feeling) and claircognizance (knowing). The goal is to guide with as much information for the highest outcome. Guidance is provided on issues such as relationships, career, life purpose, health and finances.

Substance Abuse and Addictions

In a supportive setting underlying causes of substance abuse and addiction are explored including genetic, environmental, life events, trauma and stressors. Both physical and mental side effects including anxiety and depression are addressed with the goal of preventing relapse.

Individual & Couples Counseling

Individuals experiencing anxiety, depression, stress or seeking advisement for issues such as career, relationships or personal concerns can move forward with a plan that is solutions based. Couples also experiencing issues such as communication, infidelity, financial or family based find direction utilizing professional counseling that is results oriented. I utilize Cognitive Behavioral, Choice, Solutions Based and Family Systems Therapies.

Energy Work

Reiki is a Japanese natural energy technique that directs the Life Energy force that flows through us. I am a Reiki Master (Level III) and I utilize hands on healing combined with the BioMat that delivers far infrared Rays, negative ion therapy with amethyst. Sound Healing and aromatherapy are also provided during these sessions. The Alpha-Stim which is a cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation (CES) device is also available that is effective in reducing stress and relieving symptoms of anxiety, depression and insomnia.

Spiritual Counseling

By tapping into the spiritual realm information for the highest good is channeled with the intention of giving each individual a sense of direction. Knowing that there is spiritual guidance available as well as a force greater than us to divinely guide is peace of mind for many.

Healthy Lifestyle Guided Self-Change

Addressing diet & nutrition, exercise, meditation and mind-body disciplines are just a few issues that are covered to help you devise a plan to feel better and improve your lifestyle.

Wellness Products

Holistic Products through Natures Sunshine are available as well as Flower Essences through Bach Flower Remedies for Emotional and Stress Relief.

Intuition Development

Training is available to help one increase their intuition through combining deep meditation, relaxation, mindfulness and breathwork.